case fan not spinning?

Why my new PC case fan is not spinning?

NEW PC CASE FAN NOT SPINNING: Recently I bought a new PC. For a good six months, it ran well. But then I noticed it starts to grow hotter than usual. It was irritating me. At that time, I was at a loss as to why this was happening. After much observation, I was able to identify the origin of the problem. That was because my PC case fans were not spinning hence making my system hot.

If you are suffering from a similar issue this article might prove helpful to you as I’ve explained some useful suggestions to resolve the issue on your own easily. Let’s start;

Why is my PC case fan not spinning?

PC case fan helps to maintain the temperature of the device.  If your PC is getting hot more than normal you should check whether the case fans are working properly or not. If left unchecked, your entire system might get damaged.

Here I have briefly explained all the reasons which make PC case fans, not spin.

dirty pc case fan

  • Dirty fan

To keep your electronic devices working properly you have to clean them regularly. If your PC case fans aren’t spinning dust and debris may be contaminated over the surface. This is a typical problem, as fans are located in a place where dust particles can easily stick to them. If you are facing this issue, it is easy to resolve. You just have to clean case fans on regular basis.

  • Connectivity issue

Case fans are linked to the motherboard through slots. If case fans are not spinning properly, you should check the connection. For proper working, the PC case fan should be connected to the motherboard with 3 pins or 4-pin configuration.

In some cases, PC case fans are directly attached to the main power supply unit. In such scenario, make sure that connections should be right and tight.

  • Voltage issue

Your PC fans take some amount of current to spin. If there is some electricity issue your fans might get stopped. If your system is not completely jumped up, fans will not get a sufficient amount of current required for their work. And they will stop spinning. You have to ensure that system is getting enough power supply.

  • BIOS at fault

BIOS is responsible for the even functioning of the PC. If BIOS is not providing current to installed case fans you will face a similar problem. If you don’t know how to sort it, we’ve explained the process below.

  • Hardware problem

PC case fans are electronic devices unquestionably they can get damaged. If they are broken or happen to get wet it might not be possible to repair them again. So, first of all, check them. If you find any of its parts broken, you should replace them with new ones. As they are not much expensive you can fix your whole system by spending a small amount of money.

How to fix the PC case fan not spinning issue?

  • Maintaining Cleanliness

Issue: Dirty fans cannot spin. Since the torque provided to the fan is not very high that’s why even very small dust particles can stop it from spinning.

Solution: So, for the proper working of fans, their cleanliness should be done once in 6 months.

Take your PC fan out and clean it very carefully and then put it back in its place. You can also take some cleaning products available in the market. They can do a magical job.

  • Restart your computer

Restarting your computer will automatically fix some common problems. Turn off your device completely and remove all the connections. After some time restart it by pressing the “power ON” button. We hope that any temporary issues with your device will be resolved.

  • Check the power source

Issue: PC case fan requires current for spinning. If your PC case fan is not spinning issue arises you need to check the power source. If there is any problem with the motherboard or it is broken it would not be able to deliver current to the case fan. However, if your PC case fan is directly connected to PSU, you should examine the connections.

Solution: You can also measure voltage using a voltmeter. By connecting the voltmeter with two wires of the fan you can check whether the fan is getting the required voltage or not.

  •  BIOS resetting         

Solution: Sometimes a device stops working due to some problem in BIOS. Here I’ll guide you in detailed steps on how to reset your BIOS.

  1. Turn OFF your device completely
  2. Then restart it again after a few minutes by pressing power ON.
  3. Press the F2 key for more than a few seconds until the BIOS configuration appears on the screen. The F2 key is a common BIOS key for many devices but does check before whether this key is your system’s BIOS key or not.
  4. Press the default setting to reset BIOS.


You can use the cursor key to direct in your BIOS and then press enter to select the option of reset.

  • Hardware replacement

If any of the above approaches didn’t work for you more probably your PC case fan, main power supply unit, or motherboard needs replacement. you must figure out and do replacement accordingly. so that your whole system can work accurately.


How much does it cost if you replace the case fan?

The average cost of a laptop case fan lies between $70 to $200 but it entirely depends on the laptop model. The higher models may cost you more than this.

Is the PC case fan always spinning?

Yes, the PC case fan is always spinning to keep the temperature normal. This helps to cool the CPU and improve the system’s efficiency.

How long will the case fan last?

The design of the fan case ensures a lifespan of 3 to 7 years. However, it is likely possible that it may last longer or less than this. 


PC case fans are always spinning to cool the CPU. If for any reason they stop spinning it might damage your entire system. The case fan not spinning issue arises due to multiple reasons including a dirty or jammed fan, a power supply issue, hardware failure, BIOS problem, or connection inaccessibility.

In this article, I’ve explained all reasons that stop case fans from spinning and their possible solutions in detail. I hope this will help you to fix the issue. Please let me know if you have any queries related to this article.

Kind regards.

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