Role of CPU in gaming

Does CPU make a difference in gaming?

Video gaming has become a popular hobby, especially after the pandemic. Since then gamers and regular players looks out for the importance of the components of a PC for a smooth gaming process. Although, every component matters a lot when you are building a gaming PC. There is a lot of ongoing debate on the topic: “does CPU make a difference in gaming? “

If this question is also cracking up in your mind, stay with us, this article is going to solve the mystery box for you.

Overview of CPU and GPU

Before moving to the actual query, you must know the difference between CPU and GPU.

CPU is both the heart and brain of the PC. It is a small but powerful chip integrated into the motherboard of the computer. CPU performs arithmetic and logical operations and can control the whole system.

GPU stands for Graphic Processing Unit. It can perform extensive mathematical calculations very fast. GPU is used for creating and rendering 3D images.

The main difference between CPU and GPU is the nature of their work. GPU has thousands of cores that’s why it is good at performing parallel tasks while CPU can sequentially perform tasks.

Does CPU make a difference in gaming?

CPU is the brain of the computer and if you want to go with a low-processing CPU your entire system will get affected thus also reflects in gaming experience.

CPUs manage a multitude of elements and make the game more realistic. Knowing exactly how CPUs affect the gaming process makes you a brilliant gamer. CPUs performs tasks related to artificial intelligence and functionality of non-player characters (bots). The core is an essential part of the CPU. It is responsible for performing tasks when you give it instructions.

CPU handles things involving physics and shadow in the games. It will mostly take care of the position and behavior of different entities in the game. CPU is responsible for the game’s instruction and proceeding input from the player. CPU can handle NCPCs environment and simulations. That’s why the games which focus more on physical simulations need more powerful CPUs.

CPU does matter for workloads other than gaming. Even if you rely on GPU still CPU is the one that recommends GPU what to do next. GPU takes the information from CPU and then renders images and graphics. Basically, GPU is just a different type of CPU designed for displaying graphics.

Which is more important for gaming: GPU or CPU? 

Both the CPU and GPU handle different aspects of the game so we can’t say which is more important. Each has its function to perform. They work together by dividing tasks between them.

The games which focus more on image quality and graphics end would require a strong GPU. While CPU is slightly more important where games require more core and thread handling.

CPU OR GPU for gaming

GPU can dramatically impact your gaming experience. Games like cyberpunk, control, and horizon zero dawn require heavy GPU. Imagine you are playing a call of duty; your character and every image you see on your screen are possible because of GPU. GPU renders all images while CPU calculates damage when you shoot someone. It’s the CPU that calculates how much movement is required when you move your mouse toward target. It calculates how many shells you have lost. All statistics of the game is controlled by CPU.

Some games are CPU intensive while others are GPU intensive. Although a game favor CPU or GPU, vary from game to game; or even needs both to run smoothly. Also keep in mind, a weak CPU may limit the effectiveness of the GPU and vice versa. Therefore, if you are opting to utilize both, buy the compatible one’s for each other.


Does CPU affect gaming performance?

CPU is crucial part of the gaming process. Since it is the brain of computer it has a vital role to play in games. CPUs deal with tasks such as artificial intelligence and functionality of non-player characters. CPUs core count and clock speed help to indicate its performance. It generally calculates movement and physics of game.

Is it worth upgrading CPU for gaming purpose?

Yes, a CPU with new architecture is usually good at gaming. They enhance application performance and make the game more realistic. This will allow you to play games with more detailed settings.

Should I get a better CPU or GPU for gaming?

CPU controls every aspect of the system besides heavy graphics. You can’t rely on the CPU for rendering 3D images. Similarly, GPU will not perform complex physics. So, both are considered bundle as they compensate each other for smoother gameplay.


In this article, I’ve explained the importance of CPU in the gaming process. Both CPU and GPU perform their particular functions. CPU helps to calculate the movement and physics of the game while GPU renders 3D images and controls the graphic end of the game.

We hope that this article was insightful for you. If you have any queries, please let us know in the comment section. We will try our best to support you.

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