Best AM3+ CPUs for gaming

Best AM3+ CPUs for gaming in 2023

Best AM3+ CPUs for gaming in 2023

Whether you are a devotee gamer or a professional, we’re sure you must know the importance of AM3+ CPUs in gaming. These CPUs have gained huge popularity over the last few years. AM3+ sockets suit well with AM3+ CPUs. Most are attracted to AM3+ CPUs because of their fast-processing speed and enhanced dimensions.

Many fanatic gamers and PC builders prefer AM3+ CPUs because of their high-end performance which makes the gaming process flatter. As the market is so complex, it would be messy for you to choose the right one among all these. But you don’t need to worry about it. Here we have come up with the best AM3+ CPUs for gaming.

Our top 6 picks for AM3+ CPUs for Gaming:

We have provided a detailed review of each product which will help you more. In the end, we have given some guides you should know before selecting the AM3+ CPUs for gaming ventures.

Stay with us this article is going to be advantageous for you.

1. AMD FX-8300

(Budget-friendly AM3+ CPU)
AMD FX-8300 (Budget-friendly AM3+ CPU for gaming)

Key features:

Number of cores and threads: 8 cores and 8 threads

Base clock speed: 3.2GHz

Boost clock speed: 4GHz

Cache size: 8MB L2&L3 cache

TDP: 95 watts


We were quite satisfied with the price package of AMD FX-8300 when it comes to market but we were conscious to know its price-to-performance for this purpose, we conducted decisive tests, and here we are going to discuss its prominent features which make it fit for gaming and streaming.

The 8-core processor with 8MB L2 cache and 8MB L3 cache provides incredible gaming performance. This processor offers better-overclocking speed. Its architecture supports multitasking performance. It has a base clock speed of 3.2GHz that can be boosted up to 4GHz due to its smart overclocking feature. This is great because this boost in clock speed makes the CPU efficient for playing advanced games and running multimedia applications. However, its overclocking feature makes the CPU hot but having a good cooling system will sort out this problem.

For gaming purposes, two features matter a lot; performance and overclocking. AMD FX-8300 provides dramatically improved performance at a reasonable price.

The best of all is its price. So, we suggest you buy AMD FX-8300 for a smoother and better gaming experience.

  • Budget-friendly

  • Incredible performance

  • Offers multithreaded performance

  • Easily overclockable

  • Due to overclocking it might get hot.
Why you should buy AMD FX-8300?

We found AMD FX-8300 the best CPU for gaming and streaming due to its incredible performance and overclocking feature. It is quite good at running multimedia applications. Above all, it is available in the market with an affordable price tag.

2. AMD FX-8350

(Overall Best AM3+ CPU)
AMD FX-8350 (Overall Best AM3+ CPU for gaming)

Key features:

Number of cores and threads: 8 cores& 8 threads

Base clock speed: 4GHz

Boost clock speed: 4.2GHz

Cache size: 8MB L3 Cache

TDP: 125 watts


If you want to show your gaming skills online then this AMD processor will be the best for you. Our team found it the best because of its excellent multithreaded performance and overclocking feature.

This CPU comes in the market with 8 cores and 8 threads. The more the number of cores better will be the performance. Its base clock speed of 4GHz is fast enough to handle the gaming process. It is unlocked for overclocking and speed can be increased to 4.2GHz which will allow you to have a faster gaming experience.

It has AM 3+ socket attached to it. you can get a compatible motherboard with it easily. We are pretty much satisfied with it because it is also good at 3D rendering and video editing.

Because its TDP is quite high that’s why it is a more power-consuming processor. But there is a sink associated with it that can provide a cooling solution.

If you want a fast-gaming experience and enhanced streaming level then AMD FX-8350 will meet your all needs at an affordable price.

  • Excellent multi-threaded performance

  • Unlocked for overclocking

  • Affordable

  • Offers fast gaming experience

  • 16MB cache memory

  • Power consumption is quite high
Why you should buy AMDFX-8350?

We would suggest you buy AMD FX-8350 because it can do multitasks without any hard try. It is efficient not only for gaming purposes but also good in video editing and in rendering 3D images. It comes with a heat sink so you don’t need to worry about heat up or any other damage to your PC.

3. AMD FX-6300

(Best AM3+ CPU for mid-range computers)
AMD FX-6300

Key features:

Number of cores and threads: 6 cores

Base clock speed: 3.5GHz

Boost clock speed: 4.1GHz

Cache size: 8MB L3 memory

TDP: 95 watts


If you are looking for a budget-friendly the best gaming CPU then you are in the right spot. This AM3+ CPU is known as the best for its price-to-performance ratio. As it is cheaper than its other competitors so you can spend more money on GPU which is another important component for gaming purposes.

This processor comes with a base clock speed of 3.5GHz but its overclocking feature allows you to boost the speed up to 4.1GHz. To our surprise, it offers amazing overclocking to speed up the performance. so, you can easily adapt speed and noise production to your preference level.

It comes with an AM3+ socket so you can install it on any compatible motherboard. AMD FX-6300 is the best option for budget-conscious gamers and streamers. We have used this CPU with the stock heatsink and fan assembly for six months, can you believe it? It remained cool even while playing heavy games.

Moreover, its less TDP makes it less power-consuming and you can cool it easily. It is the best processor for mid-range computers.

  • Entry-level price tag

  • Impressive gaming performance

  • Lower TDP

  • Stay cool and run smoothly

  • Amazing overclocking feature

  • Bit older
Why you should buy AMD FX-6300?

If you are looking for the best AM3+ CPU for playing low-spec games then you should buy AMD FX-6300. This is not going to hurt your pocket and in return, you will have a smoother and excellent gaming experience. It will save you from huge electricity bills as it is a less power-consuming processor.

4. AMD FX-8320E

(Best AM3+ CPU for overclocking)
AMD FX-8320 (Best AM3+ CPU for overclocking in gaming)

Key features:

Number of cores and threads: 8 cores

Base clock speed: 3.5GHz

Boost clock speed: 4GHz

Cache size: 8MB L2 & 8MB L3 cache memory

TDP: 95 watts


AMD FX-8320 emerged in the market when gamers and enthusiasts were worried about power consumption and the high prices of processors for gaming purposes. Though it is a little bit old version of this series still it can handle advanced games outstandingly. It is less expensive and budget-friendly than all of its predecessors.

You will be able to crack up your performance as there are a greater number of cores available. We found its overclocking feature to be the most innovative.

The base clock speed of 3.5GHz which is already fast enough to handle heavy tasks. You can boost it up to 4GHz to speed up your performance. We noticed the noise and glitching when the base clock speed increases up to 3.7GHz, but when we used a stock cooler this issue was resolved. So, we would highly recommend you add an external cooling system for a se overclocking.

This CPU does not support USB 3.0 and PCLe which makes it unsuitable to work with modern expensive motherboards. We would suggest you opt for AMD FX-8320 for budget gaming purposes.

  • Cheap and powerful

  • Innovative overclocking feature

  • Amazing gaming performance

  • Does not support USB 3.0

  • Might need an external cooling system

Why you should buy AMD FX-8320?

If you want to enjoy high FPS in video games and you are eager to watch video games with high resolution then we would suggest you buy AMD FX-8320 CPU. This is on our top list of products because it is cheap yet powerful enough to support heavy games.

5. AMD FX- 8150

(Best AM3+ CPU with cooling support)
AMD FX- 8150 (Best AM3+ CPU with cooling support)

Key features:

Number of cores and threads: 8 cores and 8 threads

Base clock speed: 3.6 GHz

Boost clock speed: 4.2 GHz

Cache size: 8MB L2 + 8MB L3 cache size

TDP: 125 watts


AMD also offers some cheaper processors with the same effective performance. Some people don’t need any extra features of a processor so this is good for them.

It was set at 3.6GHz but we have seen it surging up to 4.2GHz when monitoring under benchmarks load. At this price, you will never have any other alternative to it.

It offers a more memory size which can give you better gaming performance. In addition to all this, it has a heatsink and fans included in the box. The fan was quite louder but it doesn’t bother us. If you do not feel good with this louder fan you can replace it with another fan.

  • Unlocked for overclocking

  • Comes with a heatsink

  • Reasonable price

  • Smooth and consistent performance

  • Need strong BIOS update
Why you should buy AMD FX-8150?

If you are working with a processor that often gets hot, this will annoy you a lot. And an external cooler will cost you extra money. You don’t need to worry, here we have come with the gaming processor that includes a fan in the box. This will save your processor from heating up without hurting your pocket. You would never regret spending on AMD FX-8150.

6. AMD FX-9370

(Best AM3+ CPU with max clock speed)
AMD FX-9370

Key features:

Number of cores and threads: 8 cores and 8 threads

Base clock speed: 4.4GHz

Boost clock speed: 4.7GHz

Cache size: 8MB L2 cache size

TDP: 220 watts


This is the best AM3+ CPUs and is vibrant to handle a high-resolution gaming experience. It has introduced a high gaming level with multimedia performance. It is a highly demanded-gaming processor because of its larger number of cores and threads.

The most rated feature of this AM3+ CPU is its base clock speed of 4.4GHz which is much greater than all of its other competitors.

You can boost it up to 4.7GHz which is outstanding. We as a team were very pleased with its performance and speed. This exceptional speed made our gaming experience smoother and more efficient. So, we would highly recommend you this processor as it is perfect both for gaming and heavy multitasks.

Its TDP is quite higher than others that’s why it might get hot under heavy workloads. Having a proa per cooling solution can recompense this issue.

  • The maximum boost clock speed of 4.7GHz

  • Perfect for gaming

  • Handle multitasks efficiently

  • All core base speed

  • Might get hot because of the high TDP so you would need an external cooling system
Why you should buy AMD FX-9370?

If you are a professional gamer and looking for a well-manufactured processor with more memory and core count then AMD FX-9370 is for you. We would advise you to buy this one for increasing your heavy gaming and multithreaded performance.


1. CPU model

While buying AM3+ CPUs for gaming one of the most important things to consider is the model of CPU you are going to buy. By comparing all the available models in the market, you will be better able to take the right decision. For example, AMD FX-8350 is a fast-processing CPU than that AMD FX-4350. If you want high-end performance, we would recommend you the former. Before selecting a processor compare its price-to-performance ratio with its competitors.

2. Processor cores

There are many cores integrated into the processor. These cores can perform multitasks. A processor with 4 or 6 cores is enough for gaming purposes but having a processor with more cores is much better. For efficient performance, you should opt a CPU with more cores. 

3. Threads of CPU

Most CPUs have the same number of cores and threads. If a CPU has 4 threads it means that t chip can deal with four processors at once. Some dominant CPUs offer multithreading. The multithreading feature of a CPU enhances its efficiency.  Keep in view the number of cores and threads while selecting the best AM3+ CPU. 

4. Cache size

Besides the number of cores and threads, the performance of the CPU largely depends on its cache size. A larger cache size promises improved quality. Most CPUs come with a 4MB or 8MB cache memory. If you have to choose a CPU for gaming purposes, we would suggest you take the one with larger cache memory. 

5. Clock speed

Clock speed is the speed of the processor at which it executes and process information. There is a base speed and boost speed of a processor. Base speed is set at default speed while the boost speed of the processor can be increased depending on your task. AM3+ CPUs offer overclocking feature which helps you to maximize the speed. The higher the clock speed better the performance. For gaming purposes, clock speeds up to 4 GHz offer excellent performance. You will have a smoother gaming experience if your processor runs fast. 

6. TDP

Before buying an AM3+ CPU you should also consider its TDP. Thermal design power refers to the amount of heat generated when the processor performs a certain task. Lower TDP ensures good overall performance. When we examine different CPUs, we found a CPU with 95 watts TDP much better than the CPU with 205 watts TDP. Before selecting any AM3+ CPU you must also check its TDP. 

7. Motherboard

The motherboard has a CPU socket. But it doesn’t suit well for every CPU model. Before selecting any processor make sure whether it would be compatible with your motherboard or not. Therefore, you need to check your motherboard socket carefully. This will save you from any mishap in the future. 

8. Cooling system

It’s normal for a processor to get hot when it performs a heavy workload. But having a good cooling system will compensate for it. So before buying any CPU you should also check its cooling system and TDP. 


Apart from today’s most modern AM4 processors if you want to upgrade your old AM3+ socket motherboard then this article will be useful for you. In this article, we have reviewed 6 bestAM3+ CPUs. For your convenience here we have given the two best CPUs among all of the above based on our experience.

If you are a professional gamer and want a high-speed gaming experience then AMD FX-9370 will meet all your needs so just have a look at its detailed review. It is perfect for gaming and heavy multi-tasks.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly AM3+ CPU, then you are in luck. AMD FX-6300 is the best processor for you. It is a less power-consuming processor and is appropriate for mid-range computers.

But if you want to buy the best AM3+ CPU on your own then our buying guides provided above in this article might be helpful for you. In buying guide section we have enlisted all the important factors which you should keep in your view while choosing the best gaming processor.

We hope that this will be beneficial for you. But if you have any further queries, feel free to ask us. We will try our best to help you more.

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